A global citizen based in Paris with strong Indian roots to her work, Neha is an artist who loves to draw strength from the amalgamation of cultures and techniques. An alumnus of the National Institute of Design in India and Royal College of Art in London, she is a travel aficionado and connoisseur of all things that are material driven. 

At NEHA LAD Studio, her practice goes beyond the realms of the traditional loom. It is an extension of her creative vision that aims to deliver a sensory approach to her creations – a textile studio transcending the boundaries of art and design, blurring the lines between space decor and wearable art. Savoir-faire and innovation are the core of every project she works on, be it handcrafted textiles, sculptures, wall art or anything that piques her interest.

Her work has been featured in  Elle Decoration UK and the Cover magazine, 'how to spend it' by the Financial Times, Textile View magazine, etc.

She has been awarded to showcase her work at 'Future Heritage' for Decorex International, SustainRCA for the London Design Festival, and 'Beyond Paper' for London Craft Week among many others. 

Several noted personalities have also endorsed Neha’s work including the likes of Lady Helen Hamlyn (The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design), architect Peter Salter in the UK, Renault, and Peugeot Automotives in France. Heather Ive, wife of Sir Jony Ive - ex-Chief Design Officer of Apple and Chancellor of Royal College of Art, is a proud owner of one of her recent limited edition wearable collection of scarves. 

Neha is also a Thesis advisor for the master's course at the Paris College of Art.

Click here to watch Neha’s Recent Tedx Talk